“Those who have never been told shall see, and those who have not heard shall understand.” (Isaiah 52:15 and Romans 15:21)

Same words, two different books of the Bible. When Isaiah said it, he was prophesying the word of God. When Paul said it, he was demonstrating the fulfillment of that prophesy. And that is how our Bible works.

Reading only one “testament” makes it impossible to fully understand anything about the Bible. Paul made reference to Isaiah, as he prefaced these words with, “As it is written.” Of course, as Paul was unknowingly writing new scripture, he was well versed in the scripture that already existed. And we should be too.

Today’s verse reminds us that there are still many who haven’t been told and haven’t seen. There are people all over the world who haven’t heard, so they don’t understand. But what is it that they haven’t been told? Is it the story of Yeshua (Jesus), living as a man? Absolutely, but that’s not all there is to it. We can’t start there, because His story didn’t start there. Why would anyone start a story in the middle? The Bible has an order to it, for a reason. The story starts with creation, not with salvation.

I have heard people proclaiming Him by asking total strangers, “Have you heard the good news?” Folks, it is good news, but that news cannot be understood without the complete background. And good news becomes much more meaningful when it is the culmination of the events leading up to it.

We all need salvation, but if we don’t know what we need salvation from, we won’t see the need for it. There is no shortcut to preaching the gospel.

Know the whole story, by reading the whole story. Then share it, in its entirety. It’s the greatest story ever told, and every word of it is true and wonderful.

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